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I dislike resolutions. They seem so lofty and unachievable. Some years I make goals, but that often seems like too much pressure. Instead of resolutions or goals, I’m going with some big things I’d love to do and some small habits I’d like to make/break.  It’s sort of a take on what E is doing over on Finer Fruits.

Happy 2013!  Since the world didn’t end, let’s make the best of it.


How is it November already?! Time seems to be on fast forward lately.

Baby Spork turned five months old today.

Yesterday he rode in a shopping cart seat for the first time.  He’s working on more teeth (he has the two bottoms already!) and is growing like a weed.  It seems like he’s changing every day, sometimes right before my eyes.

With all of these changes, he’ll soon be ready for his own room.  To that end, I am beginning the task of cleaning out the craft room so the office can be integrated into it.  I’ve started with the fabric.

That is merely one stack that I am saying goodbye to. Out of my entire fabric stash, I am keeping two boxes.  Yes, just two.  That stack is around 1/3 of the stash.

I’m letting go. In a big way.

The yarn is next.

When a Spoon meets a Fork and they fall in love, eventually you end up with a baby Spork.  We’re nearly two months in and this will be the new home of my crazy ramblings as I enter the life of a stay at home mom.  Prepare to be bombarded with fits of craftiness, yummy goodness from the kitchen, and pictures of adorable baby Spork.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.