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How is it November already?! Time seems to be on fast forward lately.

Baby Spork turned five months old today.

Yesterday he rode in a shopping cart seat for the first time.  He’s working on more teeth (he has the two bottoms already!) and is growing like a weed.  It seems like he’s changing every day, sometimes right before my eyes.

With all of these changes, he’ll soon be ready for his own room.  To that end, I am beginning the task of cleaning out the craft room so the office can be integrated into it.  I’ve started with the fabric.

That is merely one stack that I am saying goodbye to. Out of my entire fabric stash, I am keeping two boxes.  Yes, just two.  That stack is around 1/3 of the stash.

I’m letting go. In a big way.

The yarn is next.


From our family to yours.

Yesterday we took a trip to the pumpkin patch.  Mr. Fork stayed home, but the cousins, auntie, and papa joined in.  There was lots to do besides the pumpkin patch.  The oldest cousin did all the things (hay ride, pony ride, cookie decorating, etc.).  Baby Spork liked looking at the goats, but was not impressed by the pumpkin patch.

No, Mama!  I don’t like the pumpkin patch!

His cousins were a bit more cooperative and posed for this adorable picture.

Cousins, aged 6 years and 11 months.

In the end, Baby Spork perked up a little and my sister managed to snap this photo.

Not a bad way to spend the last weekend of October (where has the time gone?!). Bring it on, November.  You’re going to be awesome!

Today is my first “official” day as a housewife.  Mr. Fork went back to work after two glorious months off.  Thankfully, Baby Spork is in good spirits today.

Tomorrow we hit the two month mark for real.  He was 8 weeks as of Friday, but that whole more than 28 day month thing makes the week and month marks different.  He is really working on learning to smile and “talk”.

I’m on my third cup of coffee and have started in on the chores of the day.  With the new meal plan and budget in place, going out to the store to play is not an option.  Staying home with my baby is a dream come true.  Knowing that I have no excuse not to sweep and mop the floor is not…

But that smile makes it all worth it, don’t you think?

8 weeks old!  How did that happen?  Baby Spork celebrated by keeping Mr. Fork up all night.  (Because I married an amazing man, I got several glorious hours of sleep.)