For most folks (and myself when I worked in Corporate), Mondays are awful.  They are the day you go back to your soul-draining life outside your home, away from your family.  But these days, Mondays are one of my favorite days.

(I’ll wait while you finish cursing my name and throwing things at the screen.  Done?  Good.)

Nowadays, Mondays are a reset day for me.  After a (usually) busy weekend, it is the day I put things back in order and figure out my week.  Mr. Fork goes back to work and Baby Spork and I ease into our week.

Oddly enough, Monday has turned into my house cleaning day.  I do laundry, run dishes, vacuum, and generally tidy up.  Some weeks, this doesn’t happen until Tuesday or later.  But on a normal week, we spend Monday getting things back in order.

Welcome to the week, everyone. It’s time to reset.